No filter, no excuses, and no more flipping self body shaming!

You see this yellow bathing suit? Well it is one of three suits that I bought for our family’s trip to Mexico this week. Do you know how many suits like this I have owned in my life? NONE! Why? Because I was too scared to. But here I am wearing it.

I’m wearing it even though it’s showing my breast reduction scars, the stretch marks on my breasts, the stretch marks and sagging skin from growing my babies, and all of the cellulite from spending years being 40 pounds heavier than I am right now.

I have body shamed myself for years into believing that I could only wear a suit if I was wearing a “mom” suit. You know the one, a tankini or a one piece with a skirt. The skirt was a MUST! Whether it was using the bathing suit material, a towel, or the water, I was ashamed of my marks and my sagging skin, and I wanted to cover up as much as possible.

But not anymore. I’ve told myself NO. No more feeling ashamed. No more covering. No more living in stress and fear.

Why not? Because I am in love with this body of mine. This body has gotten me to 41 years of age. This body has blessed me with two healthy and beautiful children. This body has allowed me to run 5 marathons and 21 half marathons. This body allows me to teach others to believe in themselves, to see them for who they are, and to help as many as I can along the way. I am incredibly thankful that I get to live another day and I am not going to waste it by merely surviving. I am going to earn it by living.

Love the skin you are in because that’s where you are right now. You were blessed with another day. Use it! Embrace it! Live into every moment of it! ♥️

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