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Everyone has the opportunity to live their best life. Let STRONGER AS ONE help you make that opportunity into a reality.

STRONGER Training Programs

Through the process of training for a road race with STRONGER AS ONE, women become part of a community that is focused on supporting, encouraging, and empowering one another. Women learn about themselves and their fellow community members. They learn that the process of participating in a road race is a blueprint for all other goals and dreams that they wish to pursue in the future.


But I’m not a runner? That’s okay! In fact, it’s more than okay!


 Running is often seen as an intimidating process. STRONGER AS ONE seeks to remove the intimidation and show its members that a goal is obtainable when it’s broken down into smaller steps.


We are currently offering our Learn to Run One-on-One Program and our The Every Body 5k Training Program!

Have you ever wanted to learn to run, but you would prefer one-on-one training?

Then our Learn to Run One-on-One Program is for you!

Our Learn to Run One-on-One Training Program includes…
– One-on-one virtual training for 10 weeks (virtually “meeting” 1, 2, or 3 times a week – You choose!) utilizing interval training
– 10 week training plan
– Daily accountability check-ins
– Daily reminders for water intake and nutrition journaling
– 10 week printable journal

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The Every Body 5k Training Program is built around YOU! You will be provided with…

– 10 week individualized training plan
– Daily accountability check-ins with your coach
– Daily reminders for water intake and nutrition journaling
– 10 week printable journal
– A Virtual meeting one time per week with your coach

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Setting goals and achieving goals are two very different things, and they require two different skillsets. Let STRONGER AS ONE guide you through the process of setting goals, achieving goals, and staying focused, so that you can truly become a STRONGER version of yourself.

Using our STRONGER AS ONE Goal Setting Matrix, we will help you to identify your goal, map it out, and then make an action plan for pursuing it. It’s like working with your own personal trainer for your life goals.

Got a goal that you’re all ready to pursue but need someone to help hold you accountable? Our Accountability Coaching will do just that! Our six week coaching sessions will offer you a daily accountability partner to help you to check-in and stay on track with your goal(s).

We believe that anything is possible with the right planning and we are here to help you do just that. We will take a look at your strengths, talents, challenges, and potential for growth, and then create a plan that is custom built to suit your needs.

You already have the power to become a STRONGER version of yourself, let us help you to achieve it.

Some examples of goals that we can work on are, but not limited to…

  • Relationships (Fulfillment, Divorce, Regaining Identity & Finding Fun)
  • Health, Weight Loss (Self Care)
  • Commitment to improved physical health
  • Motivation 
  • Time Management
  • Discovering empathy and gentleness
  • Teen Stresses
  • Creating a proper mind set and balance
  • Stress Reduction
  • Career and personal satisfaction
  • Continuing your educational journey

Both our Goal Setting & Accountabilty Coaching begin with a pre-assessment so that we can be on the same page when we begin together. The coaching can be conducted in person (if you live in Western New York), by phone, Facetime, or any other method that is mutually agreed upon.

STRONGER Coaching Pricing

Goal Setting One Hour Sessions (in person/phone/online)

  • 1 hour initial session $100
  • 1 hour follow up session $60

Goal Setting Mini-Sessions (phone/online only)

  • 30 minute initial session $70
  • 30 minute follow up session $50

Goal Setter Packages

  • 1 hour initial session (in person/phone/online), plus 2 30 minute mini-sessions (phone/online only) $175
  • 1 hour initial session (in person/phone/online), plus 4 30 minute mini-sessions (phone/online only) $250
  • 1 hour initial session (in person/phone/online), plus 6 30 minute mini-sessions (phone/online only) $325


Accountability Sessions (via phone or online) *includes pre-assessment and daily check-ins

  • 6 week coaching session $159
  • 9 week coaching session $219
  • 12 week coaching session $299





Pam Greene

“Running with Mary! It was my first Marathon! I was so nervous. I had trained, however, my last practice long run which was supposed to be 21 miles was cut short when I took a bad fall at mile 18. I had only trained up to 18 miles and I was so unsure if I was even going to make it. I was running this entire marathon alone… so I thought. I ended up with my good friend Mary who said “I’ll run it with you!” I knew Mary was a much stronger runner than I and I remembered thinking “I don’t want to slow her down!” I tried to give her “an out” but she was determined to run right by my side and help me finish my first marathon! I remember the first half feeling relatively easy. We were running at Disney World and right at the halfway mark we could ride Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom if we had timed everything right. Mary knew that was a desire of mine so she helped me keep on pace so we could get there at the exact right time. It was such a fun moment of the marathon! After the halfway point I felt pretty good until about mile 15. I remember telling Mary I didn’t think I was going to make it and I didn’t want to slow her down so she could keep going… but Mary refused to leave my side. She believed in me and she knew I could make it. I honestly believe I would have quit if it wasn’t for Mary’s constant reminder of how strong I really was. Mary never gave up on me. We were then at mile 18. This was the furthest I had trained. At this point every step I took was going to be the furthest I had ever ran. Once again the doubt started to creep in. I felt myself slowing down and taking more walk breaks. Mary, though she could have kept going, stayed right by my side. It was at this point where I realized I needed Mary. I was not going to make it without her. When you have someone running with you that believes in you even more than you do it motivates you to dig deep and find that inner strength. Mary’s constant words of encouragement made me believe in myself. Mile 22, 23, 24… I was almost there! Mile 25 our friend Heather had promised to get us Margaritas! I was almost there. I remember getting that margarita and the salt and lime tasted so good. The finish line was so close, adrenaline started to pump. I remember Mary grabbing my hand and said “I told you you were going to make it!” I cried when I crossed that finish line! I will never forget how accomplished I felt that day! But the thing that sticks out the most will always be my friend Mary being the constant reminder to me of how much we need one another. She truly inspired me and reminded me that day that I was stronger than I thought I was. Together as one we accomplished that marathon! I will always be thankful for Mary for not giving up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself!”

Jill M. Johnson

“Mary gave me the best advice when she saw me apprehensive about one challenge we were doing.  “Run YOUR race.”  It was simple.  She said not to worry about time, or finishing or not finishing.  Run the race you are there to run.  It was great advice.  Since then, she has been my cheerleader on several occasions, including just hanging out pre-race or meeting up post-race.  My favorite are the races that Mary hasn’t run.  She sent me encouraging texts throughout the race, from “hey hey, that’s 5k!” to “you are the one who is moving forward, you are the one who has the strength to move on,” to her telling me a 10k is no more than 5 miles and change. It’s incredible when you are in the middle of a longer run and you start having bits of doubt creeping in, to get a message like that from someone who believes in you and who can instantly change your outlook to something positive.”

Dana Radder

“I have run 2 half marathons with Mary. One we ran partway through together. You kinda forget your running when running with Mary. The second was a half I didn’t even train for and didn’t even know I was going to run until two days prior to the race. Mary stuck with me the whole entire time and I was ever so greatful for her support and encouragement. Having someone running by your side makes a whole world difference and with that, anything is possible! And that’s how I felt after that race with my running girls, like I could do anything!”

Heather Sowder-Frydrychowski

“I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to run with Mary. She is such a positive force during a race. Running with her during the Wineglass Half made the miles fly by and knowing the she was cheering us all on during the Princess half helped me get through the hot and muggy last 3 miles! Her energy and positivity really keep me going during a difficult run. I feel so lucky to have met her.”

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