Life is meant to be lived, not merely survived, and living with intention is meant to help you do just that.

To live with intention means that you are actively and purposefully choosing to live your life. It means that you understand that you are the one who is in charge of you, your life, and it’soutcomes. That’s right, you are in the driver’s seat. You are the one holding onto the wheel, and you have the power to choose which direction you will head in and for how long. You get to decide.

It’s in the moment that you take hold of this realization, that you become consciously aware that…

You deserve better.

You were meant to be more than you are.

You are only limited by the limitsyou self impose.

You are free to make your own decisions.

You don’t need permission from others to be you.

You don’t need to compromise who you are.

So how does journaling each day come into play with this? Intentions that you write down for yourself are words that you intend to embody for that day. Written as “I am” statements, you are purposely and consciously initiating the behavior of the person you wish to become. They are promises you are making to yourself. The more that you set forth these intentions, the more that you will see results. Persistence is key. These words that you write down are only words until you enact them and give them life and meaning by embodying them in your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

Writing down your intentions each day allows you to focus on where you are right now and set forth how you are moving forward. They reset your focus and enable you to harness that energy within you into action. You are putting onto paper who you would like to be and there is power in that. If you want to change how you feel, then you need to change where you are focusing your attention.

So how do you decide what word(s) to choose for the day? You choose words that you want to become. You choose the words that are right for you right then and there. You choose words that light you up inside and make you excited to go forth in the day. There are no right or wrong words. It is up to you and your free will on how you want to proceed.

Some examples of intentional statements are…

• I am courageous.
• I am empowered.
• I am strong.
• I am healthy.
• I am tolerant.
• I am active.
• I am present.
• I am relaxed.
Do you have to write your intentions in a certain place? No, you can write them wherever you’d like. The important thing is to have them be somewhere that they are easily accessible each day and to write them somewhere so that you can revisit them as the day progresses. It’s nice to check in and reread what you wrote throughout the day as a reminder to yourself. If you write them in the same notebook or journal each day, you then have the option of reviewing and reflecting on days that have passed and it’s a nice opportunity for you to be conscious of your personal growth and journey.
Happy journaling!
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