All summer. It took me all summer to grow these carrots. They were the two biggest carrots in the garden, the others coming in at a fraction of their size.

Earlier in the summer I got a bee in my bonnet that I just had to have a garden. I just had to build a garden. But you see, I can fit into a pack of Juicy Fruit gum the amount of knowledge I have about gardens. Sure, I’ve picked up a little something here and there about them, but really when it comes down to it I know very little. Yet, as my family will tell you, I berated them about this garden. This garden I just had to have.

But why? When it came right down to it I just needed to have something in our lives that grew from sunshine, water, and the attention that I could give it. I needed something that was unaffected by what was going out there in the world and could just grow. I needed to spend time out in that garden with my hands in the dirt growing something that was good and healthy and true. I just needed it.

So we built our garden and I planted our garden. Some things took and grew, and other things not so much. We have enjoyed trying new recipes, sometimes me a little more enthusiastically then the rest of my family. We have enjoyed watching things change. We have enjoyed watching things grow. I learned quite a few lessons, the least of which was to work on my planting skills.

And although these here carrots won’t win a prize, they are more valuable to me than a lot of other things I “accomplished” over this last year. These, and all of the other things that came out of the garden this year, show me in honest to goodness proof that even in the midst of uncertainty there is hope. Hope in this case just came in the form of small carrots…small carrots that we will enjoy to their fullest and I will remember the lessons that I learned from this garden for years to come.

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