Fear seems to be the stopping block for a lot of people trying new things, so I thought I would address it and prove that there isn’t anything out there to fear.

There are two types of fear Separation/Abandonment/Rejection and Humiliation. Separation is the feeling associated with us feeling alone in a given situation or season in our lives, feeling abandoned by one or more people/persons, or being rejected by one or more people/persons. Humiliation is the feeling associated with us being made fun of, being made to feel shame, or an overall feeling of worthlessness.

So, how do we deal with those kinds of fear? For that, I have compiled some ways to talk about fear with yourself.

Ask yourself…

  • Can I face my fears?
  • Can I go headlong into it?
  • Can I close your my and take a deep breath…and then go?
  • What if I imagined the worst scenario?
  • What is seriously the worst thing that could happen?
  • Is the worst thing that I fail? At least I tried!
  • Is the worst thing that I feel foolish? At least I put myself out there!
  • Is the worst thing that it didn’t turn out the way that I thought or had hoped? Well, now I have a starting point from which I can build on!
  • What does the evidence look like?
  • How much of my fear is actually based in reality?
  • Do I know my fear to actually be able to come true? Much of what we perceive to be reality is in fact in all in our heads.
  • How much of my fear is based upon what I think the perception of others will be?

One of my favorite quotes…”Other people’s opinion of you is none of your business.” In reality, other people are not thinking about you, they are thinking about themselves. And if they are seriously voicing their negative opinion about you, to you, then they are a jerk and so then my question to you is, why are you hanging out with them? Why are you letting them get into your personal space and having a say in your life?

Visualize/Work through the scenario/Talk about it

Walk it through, drive it through, practice in front of a mirror, give yourself a good talking to, write it out or write about it, or talk about it – Just don’t hold it in!

Be part of a community

Having a network of people supporting you is invaluable, and it’s even better if you have a group of people actually doing what you are doing. If you go something alone you are only 10% likely to do it, but if you do something as part of a group you are 80% likely to do it – I will always go in favor of the 80%.

This community is exactly what SAO is. You won’t feel alone, you won’t feel left behind, you won’t think to yourself “I can’t do it”, because we are all in it together. The idea of doing the 5k isn’t so much about the running, but it’s about a practical/achievable/measurable goal that is a catalyst for all the other aspects of your life. The 5k is whatever you want it to be, because it’s your body and your journey. Walking, running, walking & running…whatever you need for you, but we will be there for you every step of the way. I promise.

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