I don’t think that bravery is being scared and doing it anyway. To me, bravery is knowing all that’s at stake, the good and the bad, and having the courage to risk the outcome anyway.

While planning for our trip to the Adirondacks, the kids and my husband were so excited to go trail riding. And although I pretended that I was too, secretly I was terrified.

I’m an average biker, have terrible balance (which I work improving daily), and always have a little nagging voice in the back of my mind that says “Don’t get hurt!”. The idea of trail riding amplifies all of those things! My head was shouting, “That seems like an awful idea!!!”

So when no one was looking I snuck off with my bike and headed to tackle a trail and my intensely powerful fear of doing it. I’m not sure why, but a little voice said “Do it now. Go now.”

And you know what, I did it. Sure, I had to continuously talk myself down (sometimes aloud), adjust the gears on my bike and anxiety what seemed like every second, and remind myself to breathe, but I did it.

I didn’t wake up today knowing that it would be different from any other day, but today I acknowledged a fear and worked my way through it. Today I choose to intentionally be the woman I want to be and became her a little bit more. Today I was able to brave.

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