Like most things this year, we had different plans for this weekend. Like many times this year, there have been feelings that felt like us being sad, disappointed, and frustrated. Like on many occasions this year, we had to adjust, try something new, and appreciate all that we have, instead all that we don’t.

The photo here is of us making the most out of time, spending time with those who love us, and counting all of our blessings. For today I had more birthday wishes than I can count, marveled as bouquets of beautiful flowers were delivered, not once, but three times, enjoyed a wonderful conversation with an inspiring and ever so kind woman who is 94 years young, listened as my brother sang to me, walked in the woods with my husband and dog and felt the sunshine on my face, texted back and forth with friends too amazing to ever describe, and aged another year. I GOT TO age another year and I GOT TO do all of these things.

Yes, this year has been hard, but it’s just a year, just a small time in our lives. Hopefully I’m lucky enough to live many, many more years because now I think I finally figured out the secret to a happy life. Love everyone you have a chance to without holding back, be honest and true to who you are every minute, learn as much as you can, be in the present as much as possible, and know that almost nothing is impossible. Live, live, live. ♥️

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