Despite the tremendously popular opinion held by 99.99% of women that I know, no one is keeping a score card of your accomplishments and failures. No one is in line to be crowned the next She-Ra Princess of Power. No one is eligible for She Got the Most Done Award. It doesn’t exist.
At some point in our lives we were sold a bill of goods – if you do everything, be everything to everyone, and do it perfectly, then you would win. Win what? Well, that wasn’t ever fully disclosed, but you would win it nonetheless. Oh, wait! Don’t forget the most important part! In order to win, you have to do it all by yourself.
Now, if this was a real game, if this game was presented to any person as a choice, no one would pick it. In fact, many would out right refuse to even consider it, yet we engage in this game all of the time. To be honest, I played this game so hard and for so long that it actually took a physical toll with such vengeance on my body that I still have repercussions from it. The damage that this line of thinking caused can be seen in the scars on my right foot because of the two surgeries that I had due to running to the point where I not only caused my bones to misalign, but I also then broke the titanium screws that were put in there to help fix the alignment. I am no stranger to doing whatever it takes to win, even if that costs me myself.
But what if we stopped playing the game? What if we stopped trying to win and just began to live? Live into the place where we are right now. Live into who we are right now. Recognize the things that cause us happiness, joy, and comfort, and did those things. Reached out to others for help. Said no to the pressures that we feel from the outside world and yes to the things that helped us grow and unfold. What if we exchanged comparisons for compliments, judgement for compassion, and rushing around with standing still? What if we gave ourself permission to be okay with not being okay?
I’ve done it and I have to be brutally honest with you. It’s amazing! It’s freeing and recharging and invigorating and hard as hell. But it’s worth it. It’s so worth it!
So, let’s do it together. I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine. ♥
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